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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

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Got the news this morning that a coworker ,whom was a sales engineer in our integration department, had lost his fight against cancer caused from his Marine tour in Vietnam onto which he was in contact with Agent Orange .. Starting around Thanksgiving , he began having complications & I watched him deteriorate away day by day in just the short amount of past months .. My last time working with him up to when he had to take permanent disability , was when he had asked me to help him with an audio install site survey ..He was a great guy with a positive outlook on life that was inspiring to all who knew him. His incredible courage was evident through the recent difficult months and he never lost the sense of humor that always put others at ease. Most importantly, he was a family man who loved nothing more than talking about his wife and son. HE will be greatly missed .. Amazingly , it something like this that can happen so fast , that is a wake up call of just how precious life is , & how fast it can be taken away...

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Well , it seems that OPD had another slow night .. I got a ticket for parking on Orange because my front doors were passed the stop bar line .. ok , maybe they were , but I am not an idiot , & made sure that that my car was not blocking the intersection or cross walk for that matter ... Lets just say that I think this city is thinking through its' asshole .. I really don't blame the OPD , but more the city for not providing proper parking for the downtown life style .. I refuse to pay $10 a night for parking, weather I am working , or for pleasure , 4 nights out of the week .. Due to the fact that an Orlando city planner thinks it is more important at the time to keep tearing out garages & parking structure lots to make way for more fuckin condos ... Here lies within the gouging of prices to park , & these fuck nuts only care about taking your money & NOT keeping an eye on your vehicle being safely parked ... This city is turning to a lazy piece of shit & wants to be some big "Hollywood" , or "New York", or "Atlanta" type city which we are NOT...!! Nor, will we ever be .. So , instead of ticketing people whom want to have a nice quaint city , why not focus on the people that are starting fights , or the bums that are giving attitude if you don't give them a fucking dollar that YOU yourself worked hard to earn so you can have a nice entertaining lifestyle ... Ok , fine , next one that gives me attitude , or another threat because I don't give them money for no FUCKIN reason , I'll simply lay them the fuck out & feel it's justified .. I am SICK of this shit & this fuckin towns ASS BACKWARDS way of thinking ..!

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OOoohhhh.... neat ....
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Playing around with font & color testes.....
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Just got home from a rather looooooonnnng day .... Last night was a blast ..!! I gots a good drink on a lil dancin , fun friends & great musice from the tune-trolers upstairs ..!! lol! Had to be up for work rather early & am tired as hell from only getting about 2 hours of sleep if that ... After work I headed over to Antnee's for my fav. dish of the Chicken Marsala with a few beers ... Tonight is a load of laundry & off to bed ...

For now , I leave you folks with a fun lil joker .. good night ..


Towards the end of the golf course, Dave hit his ball into the woods and
found it in a patch of pretty yellow buttercups. Trying to get his ball
back in play, he ended up thrashing every buttercup in the patch.

All of a sudden POOF! In a flash and puff of smoke, a little old woman
appeared. She said "I'm Mother Nature! Do you know how long it took me to
make those buttercups?"

For doing what you did, you won't have any butter for your popcorn for the
rest of your life. And, you won't have any butter for your toast for the
rest of your life." In fact, you'll never have any butter for anything the
rest of your life!" Then POOF! She was gone!

After Dave recovered from the shock, he yelled for his friend "Fred, where
are you?" Fred yells back "I'm over here in the pussy

Dave shouts back "DON'T SWING, Fred; for the love of God, DON'T SWING!"
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tirent's LJ stalker is misererefury!
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So it seems that we have a cat. 3 hurricane possibly for this weekend ... that is such WONDERFUL news ... guess I won't be washing the car ....heh
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Is such a piece of shit ...
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I'm watching this new show "Fire Me Please" & it is cracking me up .. I would LOVE to do that some time .. !!!

On a slightly different note .. I know some people have their odd hobbies .. But this one is a lil odd ... funny , but odd ....no? Lamapolouza....LOL! http://www.lamafest.com/results03/costume.htm
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Wow , I awake to the picture of a sunny view out my window ... Could this be true . ? lol! Had a couple of weird ass dreams last night .. Don't know where those came from ...but man were they weird ..! hehe ..
It feels odd , I have the day off tomorrow , smack dab in the middle of the week ..! So lets keep the fingers crossed for NO rain .. One thing I plan on doing is sleeping in ... Now wether my bio-clock or fat cat will allow that to happen will still remain to be seen .. lol ..

Ok , I am off for work now ,, so chat at ya's later ...
Well , actually been up for a while , about 9:30am .. hehe .. The weather is awesome here ... Always sleeping with the patio door open..Very restful until the buses start running .. LOL!
Yesterday , Donnie & I walked down to the docks & grabbed breakfast at a lil dinner by the train station , then headed over to the USS Midway to get times & admission prices .. Afterwords walked around the Seaport Village enjoying the weather...It was then time for the movie so we came back to the loft , had a beer & walked over to the theater to see Episode 3 ... LOVED the movie , best of the first 3 yet ..!
We then came back to hang at the loft & Julie came home & cooked us up some DAMN good pork tenderloin..!! She is a GREAT cook ..!
LAter that night we headed down to a club called "Flame" where they were hosting a night called "Sabbat" .. Nice club , seeing it is a gay club on their regular nights .. Hence the cool decor & cleanliness of the place .. They had more old school industrial in the front room , & more newer EBM/trance in the back room .. Prices weren't too bad , $5 cover & $5.50 drinks .. ALOT cheaper than LA .. Music was pretty good ,(but to mention , still the music back home still has me spoiled ..LOL!) ..The floors filled up fast I really didn't get too much dancing in .. What was odd , was , they call last cal , & literally close the doors 5min. later .. Donnie & I were like "huh?, I still have a full drink ..!" ..
So far , not too sure what is up for today , breakfast & coffee are first on the list , then afterwords , I think we are going to mill around down town & have lunch at some BBQ place Donnie says they shot the diner scene in "Top Gun" at ..
Tonight is Sun. night , & I hope my crew will be manning the bar in my absence LOL!

Again , take care folks , luv ya all ..!

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Big happy BIRTHDAY to mistressshannon !!!
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I'm home .........................time to pass out .. ni ni ..
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